Suzanne Faigan

Mandelbaum Studies in Judaica 14
Anafim 2: Proceedings of the Jewish Studies Forum
held at the University of Auckland, 13–14 July 2008

Suzanne Faigan and Hannah Brodsky (editors)

2009. CD-ROM. ISBN 9780980472226 (CD-ROM).
AUD$10.00 (CD-ROM only). Domestic postage AUD$5.00, overseas AUD$10.00.

Following on from the original Anafim (Mandelbaum Studies in Judaica 12), Anafim 2 is a collection of stimulating and scholarly papers which demonstrate the depth of Jewish Studies in Australia and New Zealand.

Mandelbaum Studies in Judaica 12       
Anafim: Proceedings of the Australasian Jewish Studies Forum
held at Mandelbaum House, University of Sydney, 8–9 February 2004

Suzanne Faigan (editor)

2006. 205pp. ISBN 9780646469591/ 0 646 46959 2 (paperback),
AUD$22.95 (paperback only). Domestic postage AUD$10.00, overseas AUD$15.00.

Mandelbaum House has hosted many academic events. This book is a commemoration of one such event, the demonstration of the variety and richness of Jewish Studies in Australia and New Zealand. Hence, the title, which translates from Hebrew as ‘branches’.

Mandelbaum Studies in Judaica 11
Feasts & Fasts – A Festschrift in Honour of Alan David Crown

M. Dacy, J Dowling, S Faigan (editors)

2005. 376pp. ISBN 0 646 44422 0.
AUD$22.95 (paperback only). Domestic postage AUD$10.00, overseas AUD$15.00.

For four decades, Emeritus Professor Alan Crown AM has been an internationally recognized scholar in the fields of Samaritan Studies, Biblical criticism and history, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Jewish history.  His research, publication lists, and awards are eclipsed only by the list of people he has inspired and encouraged over the same decades.  Feasts and Fasts brings together articles from an international coterie of scholars.  Among the luminaries honouring a lifetime of scholarship are Ferdinand Dexinger and Reinhard Pummer (Samaritan Studies), Emmanuel Tov and Ian Young (Qumran), David Patterson OBE (Philosophy), Eliyahu Honig (Zionism), and Serge Lieberman and Suzanne Rutland (Australiana).

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